Custom Home Design

Have you heard that phrase "You are unique, so your house should be too"? Even if you have not, chances are you have bought something before that a million (or more) others have as well.  Why should your new house be like that?  From napkin sketches to building permit drawings, I help my clients bring even the most conceptual ideas to life.

Why should you choose us?

The biggest difference between us and other drafting companies is that every project is completed with full 3D models that our clients get to experience throughout the design process and beyond.  Thats right, you get the opportunity to virtually walk through your next house in the comfort of your own surroundings, when ever you want! (with no extra costs either) 

We are proud to offer our clients the full BIMx experience for free.

What Program do we use?

We use ArchiCAD from Graphisoft (A Nemetschek Company).

A lot of people are surprised when they find out that we don't use Revit or AutoCAD. 

When we tell our clients that we use ArchiCAD, they assume its some knock of version of the other programs.  A lot of people don't know that ArchiCAD has been around since the early 1980's.  In 1983 it was first presented in Germany as a full BIM product and is currently used in over 80 different countries! 

In many ways, ArchiCAD was considered the first implementation of a BIM program.  (In comparison, REVIT wasn't founded until 1997)


As every project is different, every project has different costs.  In order to address this we charge a flat hourly rate of $85.00 for all of our drawings.  

Give us a call to set up a time where we can discuss your project.  Once we get an understanding of what your project will entail, we would be happy to give you a budget proposal for the costs associated with it!

What do you get when we are done?

As a client with Drafting Your Design, you will receive upon completion a full set of drawings that can be used for every permit application process, bidding process, and of course construction. Not to mention you get to keep the 3d file and viewer for as long as you or your friends, or your contractor want.  As a former home builder myself, I like to stay in contact with all of my clients through out their build process to offer insight or answers to either the client or contractor they choose to make the entire process as seamless as possible.

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